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Gibberellin Activity Augmenter – is a path-breaking concept technology to improve the PGR bio-efficacy. VININ use is now an accepted package of practice in grape fruit cultivation that has helped many growers in producing award winning export-quality produce.

Technical Information

Composition Vinitrol – 22 ( 25% EC )
Action Enchances the effectiveness of Gibberelins and improves yield.
Toxicity Non toxic – For Agricultural Use Only. Safe for szpraying edible and non – edible portions of the crop as per the prescribed dilution.
Signal Word WARNING – Keep the container out of reach of children.
Storage & Handling Shelf life liquid indefinite. No special clothing needed.

Vinin Application Technology

Prescription : Whenever and where ever Gibberellic acid (GA) is applied, the required quantity of GA, as per the farming practice adopted must be mixed in Vinin solution instead of water. If the practice is to dissolved 1g of GA in 20 liters of water to make 50 ppm solution then we recommend that 1g of GA should be dissolved in 20 liters of Vinin solution to achieve 50 pp, GA solution.

Prepration Of Vinin Solution

Mix and shake the container well before use. Add 5 ml. of Vinin to 1 litre of water to make 1 litre of Vinin solution i,e. To make 20 liters of Vinin solution add 100 ml of Vinin to 20 liters of water.

This Vinin Solution must be used for GA application